Team In Training music video!

After a whole season in the making – from my wacky mind to the silver screen, I am pleased to present to you … my Team In Training music video!

Click this link to make a contribution on my secure fundraising page.  Help Team In Training save lives!

This is the “official” launch of – so please share this link with your friends!  “Like” my video!  Sign up to receive emails when I post!  Stop back often, feel free to share your comments, and join me along this beautiful journey.  Cheers!
Original lyrics and music by Dan Tyler, (c) 2011.  Go TEAM!
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2 Responses to Team In Training music video!

  1. kph says:

    so awesome, dano! i’m super impressed with how your video turned out. you put so much work into it, and it looks great!

  2. Susan says:

    Hi, Dano! It’s Susan from That Pink Girls post about you. I promise to make a contribution once school starts back and I start making money again….. I’m a school nurse and only get paid when I work…. bummer. Anyway, I will make one… PROMISE!

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